BY Lori Morris

The powder room is a private sanctuary. And as such, it should look and feel that way. The place where your guests primp and pamper themselves must look primped and pampered itself. Taking every detail into account, the goal is to create a petite, well-appointed escape. A place with flattering lighting and a theme that will represent your style in people’s minds.

It is up to you to decide if you want them to feel like rock stars or royalty.

Whether it’s shades of Tiffany-blue, sleekly polished black sealed with gold, mahogany-panelled walls or exquisitely carved-out countertops, every powder room is thoughtfully garnished and tailored to be a miniature version of your grand vision.

In some cases, admirable Parisian papered walls of dusty rose, cream and pistachio green can make one feel confident and enlightened. Ceramic marble tiles flattered by crystal chandeliers can help open the space beyond its square footage. And wild, whimsical foliage draped across a Georgian-era façade can create the feeling of a freshly overgrown floral tunnel. A brilliantly decorated powder room should feel like an oasis.

After all, it isn’t just a restroom, it’s the most intimately visited room in your house.

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