BY Lori Morris

It’s the power and surprise of a love at first sight encounter. When lightning strikes – it wows and excites, sending us reeling in awe and setting the tone for what is to come. It becomes a welcoming embrace drawing us in, encouraging us to linger in the space as all the details begin to reveal themselves before our very eyes. Does it strike twice – yes – each and every time. Welcome home.

The true opulence of marble is matched only by its versatility, where colours combine with patterns, offering a plethora of flooring options to instantly instill a feeling of luxurious personality into any space. Sharp contrasts of black and white angular forms strike a discerning pose while the softness of neutral waves calmly glide effortless through the space.

Walls should never close in or restrict. They should greet you with an unwavering sense of belonging and coddle the soul of your being. These blank canvases for inspiration take on a life of their own with a rhythmic sensibility that only a layering of textures and colours can achieve as you navigate your way into the next phase of spatial experience.

Let there be light! Like a warm smile your home’s entrance should welcome you with sparkle, shine and lighting from every angle. Beautiful sconces and cascading chandeliers illuminate and elevate the space while providing maximum light control and impact. The stage is set and we are ready for our close up.

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