BY Lori Morris


Black is the ultimate temptress. It's seductive, intriguing and impossibly sophisticated. It lures you in. As an accent, and a foil for whites, or as the main event, black takes design beyond limitations.

My clients are often wary of dark interiors, but sometimes, a sumptuous inky black can be the lynchpin in the overall aesthetic. Black can lend any space a sense of drama or grandeur, and sometimes, it’s just the thing to open up creative possibility.

There are several ways to incorporate black but you have to do it right! I often use black and white photography in the homes I design, paired with more traditional spaces. Art is a great way to incorporate black if you’re still feeling a little hesitant about it.

Black walls are a daring choice. I honestly don’t know where the myth started that dark colours close down a space. Black doesn’t have to be dreary! Design is about an overall feeling, never about one singular piece. Black helps create a depth of feeling. It can act as a layer, a piece in the overall feel of a space, which is why it can literally work anywhere, if done correctly. And best of all, it goes with everything. (See: little black dress.)

Have a look at these onyx interiors that make us want to paint all the things black.

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