BY Lori Morris

Synonymous with royalty, serenity and elegance, blue is a palette that’s perennially in style. Equal parts sultry and sophisticated, we’re crazy about the hue because of its power to be both soft and strong. From powder blue to true blue and midnight to navy, discover all the ways this versatile colour can enhance every room in your home.

Meals are more delicious in a dining room rich in shades of blue. Plush velvet Byzantine blue adds warmth and elegance to every gathering, and stands out against a backdrop of softer tones.

Consider dashes of blue in unexpected places and spaces. Traditional crown moulding becomes all at once contemporary with a hint of the hue. Blue is changing the traditional interior landscape of bathrooms, too – swiftly giving all-white everything a run for its money. Its neutrality brings a spa-like sensibility to bathrooms, and it pairs perfectly with glamorous gold hardware.

Swaths of blue, from sky to cerulean, imbue master bedrooms with a tranquility that will tempt you to linger a little longer. Inherently calming, we love applying this hue to everything from drapes and linens, to wallpaper and rugs, for a uniquely layered and saturated aesthetic.

Inextricably linked to nature, adding touches of blue to a sun-lit conservatory will suffuse the space with wonder and whimsy.

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