BY Lori Morris

A colour once synonymous with little girls, pink is having a very adult moment, and we couldn’t be happier. The omnipresent hue is popping up everywhere. From runways to the red carpet, this posh palette has found its way into residences and restaurants, too. We are embracing pink, and infusing it in ways both significant and subtle.

In the kitchen, powder pink adds a burst of femininity to an otherwise tonal palette. Incorporating this sumptuous colour into flooring adds just the right amount of flair and visual interest.

Pink’s tranquil sensibility is the perfect colour for the bedroom. Its soothing quality guarantees deep beauty rest, trust us. We love to layer and mix and match different shades of pink for a uniquely dimensional aesthetic. To add texture, we look to patterned pinks, opting for dreamy, oversized pillows to punctuate bedding.

Pink couples with other colours seamlessly, so adding furniture in the bubble-gum shade is far from risky. From statement chairs, to ottomans and commodes, it’s a colour that works with a lot of finishes you already have in your home.

Don’t forget that soft colours complement dark, edgy tones. Pairing pink with metallics or deep shades creates a beautiful juxtaposition that’s both sexy and timeless.

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