BY Lori Morris

Sweet dreams are made of these.

The bedroom is, hands-down, the best room in the house. Don’t even try to fight me on this. My entire house is basically just a giant hallway that leads to the bedroom. It’s the main event.

Some of my favourite projects have been creating bedrooms for people in the hopes that just maybe they’d begin to love them as much as I do. Who can say no to luscious linens and all plush everything? No one, that’s who.

In the bedroom, contrasting patterns and textures are in their absolute element. Luxuriously layered fluffy pillows, touchable throws and billowy fabrics beckon you to bed – the more textures and patterns, the better. But above all – and this is important! – anyone who claims there’s such a thing in the world as too many pillows, clearly hasn’t laid their head on one of these plush, patterned masterpieces.

Seriously. We dare you not to try and jump right in to these photos. Heaven is a bed that’s mostly pillows.

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