BY Lori Morris

The beauty of LMD is not skin deep. It lingers cleverly immersed in a multitude of layers, where texture, tactile form and line are codependents in a designated space. It’s a relationship that draws you in to pause and make sense of it until you realize it’s not a dream. That’s the LMD effect.

As you set foot inside a Lori Morris room, your gaze is drawn upward to a sweeping ceiling worthy of the artistic continuum that is the LMD experience. Taking in the detailed contours, ornate and delicate or bold and contemporary, your gaze begins to drift down, your focus widens and your depth of field expands as you realize the rich and delicate textures of the crown molding where the ceiling greets the walls. This is where all the seemingly infinite details of design, whether blending or contrasting, come together harmoniously to create a universe unto itself.

Our walls speak volumes in languages of wallpaper, mirror, paint and stain universally understood as they beckon you into the room. You soon realize colour combinations are endless and the limitless possibilities of the room shift to reveal a whole new and unique dimension.

It is at this moment you realize that you are no longer simply standing in a room, but rather in a world of your own.

Reflection cast by a multitude of light sources elevates our gaze, focusing our attention upward and across the space in an undiscovered view, we did not understand existed but unknowingly wanted to explore. It’s the canopy beneath which we truly experience the essence of a boundlessness of design, layering a dance of ornate mouldings with antique mirror panels. We are captivated at every turn by each wave of the unexpected, which is the heart of the LMD sensibility.

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