BY Lori Morris

Gone are the days of storing wine in dark, dusty corners of your home. Your most treasured vintages merit being masterfully displayed. The wine wall is a luxurious way to showcase your collection while complementing your home’s décor.

Whether small or sizable, your wine wall is created to slot seamlessly into your interior design. A floor to ceiling, glass-and-bronze display greets everyone gathered around the kitchen. It’s an extension of the room’s design, yet its artful form commands attention.

Some of you will wish to step into an opulent, walled alcove overflowing with perfectly placed bottles. Gilded gold, deluxe finishes and palatial floors elicit a sensory experience. It’s here where the wine devotees will tell tales of wine tastings on their travels and debate varietals, acidity and balance.

A wine wall on the main floor of the home may not suffice for some serious collectors. A second, walled corridor is a dramatic, lavish option for those who have amassed a considerable collection. Often located on the bottom floor, this locked display is reserved for the most exclusive bottles. Punctuated with glass and intricate hardware, it’s a passageway to memorable evenings with friends, family and loved ones.

Delicious wines taste even better with the correct glassware. Flaunt your stemware in your wine wall, too. This style plays double duty as a functional storage space while blending flawlessly with the rest of your furniture.
Now it’s time to reach for your favourite red or white and start planning the wine wall of your dreams.

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